Homemade Wine Making Ingredients and Equipment Needed

Beer Brewing Made Easy

Ingredients needed will make about 10 batches

For Concentrated Juice Wines:

Wine Yeast Red Star Premier x 10 $12

One Step No Rinse Cleaner – 1 Lb. 8.49

Potassium Sorbate – 1 oz. $5.71

Wine Tannin 1 oz, Pectic Enzyme 1 oz, Acid Blend 2 oz Bundle $7.99

Yeast Nutrient – 8 oz. $7.85

Sparkolloid – 1 oz. Clarifier $5.99

For Live Fruit Wines:

Reusable Fine Mesh Filter Bags. 2 Pack – Live Fruit Recipes $9.99

Campden Tablets 100 count (optional for Juice Recipe) $5.49

Total Investment for 10 5 – 6 liter batches or 70 bottles $63.51


Wine Making Necessary Equipment

The recipes in the next few pages are for 6L for the live juice recipes and 5 liter batches for the live fruit recipes. You can purchase 5 liter water bottles with the narrow mouth, which take the #6 rubber stoppers, or 6L Dasani bottles which take the #9 stoppers which are on the equipment list. The size of the water bottle, which will be your secondary fermenter is important, as it must be filled within 1 inch from the top of the bottle during the rest of the process, and you do not want to be adding more water, as this will dilute your alcohol content. Remember, each time you rack your wine, you leave about ½ inch of wine and sediment at the bottom, so when starting, you can fill just above the marked line.

You will need a 2 gallon Primary fermenter Pail, this pail must have a sealed lid, and a hole drilled for the airlock. The 2 gallon primary fermenter on the equipment page works great. For the Welch’s Recipe for 5 gallon, you can get a 5 gallon plastic “pickle” pails which work good, but you have to drill a whole for the air lock. A 1 ¼ inch hole drilled in the lid will fit the stopper/airlocks 3 pack as listed on the equipment page. The 5 gallon pail must have a lid that seals tight with a rubber seal. The 5 gallon replacement water jugs work great for secondary fermentation and clearing. No need to buy expensive glass carboys.

Or you can order a 6 gallon (23L) primary fermenter, with a per-drilled hole, from the equipment list. The primary fermenter does not have to be full during primary fermentation, so mark your 5 gallon mark before you begin.

The ingredients below will last about 10 batches of 5 liters, and the equipment forever. The optional equipment at the bottom is for those of you looking to become experts. The prices are what was listed on Amazon at the time I wrote this.


Hardware Needed

2 Gallon Plastic Fermenter w/ drilled lid $15

3ct. – S-Shape Airlock with #7 Stopper – Set of 3 (Airlock for 5L Bottles) $8.49

#9 Rubber Stopper with Hole (For 6L Dasani Bottles) $7.03

Home Brew Ohio 24″ Plastic Spoon & Paddle Set $11.95

Home Brew Ohio Basic Siphon Kit for Brewing $13.29

Rubber Stopper – Size 10 – Drilled (for 5 gal jugs needed for 5 gal recipe) $5.21

Total Investment to get started $61.03

Optional Equipment

3 Pack Fermentation Adhesive Strip Thermometer $5.29
If you are unsure what temperature you are at, affix these to your fermenter

Chefast Hydrometer Kit for Wine, Beer, Mead and Kombucha $11.99

Hydrometer test jar 10 ” plastic 8.21
To become a professional, and make adjustments, you will need a Hydrometer and Test jar

Ferrari Portugese Double Lever Corker $11.99

Natural Wine Corks $14.95
Needed if you plan to cork your wine, otherwise use screw top bottles, but do not plan on aging your wine

200 Count Wine Bottle Capsules Shrink Caps $14.99
For a nice finished look to your homemade wine

Home Brew Ohio Plastic Baster with black Bulb $12.43
Easier to steal a taste of your wine without disturbing the sediment or contaminating the wine

Home Brew Ohio American Oak Chips 4 oz $4.99
Great to add some extra flavor to the dark reds

Primary Fermenter with Plastic Lid and Hole, 6 Gal (23L) $29.92
Used for the 5 gallon grape recipe.

The Whip Wine Degasser $8.96
Much easier way to degas wine with a drill.


                                  Beer Brewing Made Easy


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